About Walden

Dr. Stuart Koman, President & CEO of Walden Behavioral Care, has always treasured the natural beauty of Walden Pond.

When he created Walden Behavioral Care in 2003, he chose this name because to him, Walden reflected peace, healing, and recovery.

Walden was established to help women, men and adolescents find a place where they could find treatment options that met their specific needs and compassionate staff who believed that the better we know our patients the more effectively we can treat them. Through the years, thousands of patients and families have found peace here. Most importantly, they have found healing and recovery.

Our Continuum of Care

Walden is one of the first eating disorder programs in the country to offer a continuum of care that is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient.

Our continuum of care includes:
Partial Hospitalization
Intensive Outpatient Programs

Because we provide this full range of treatment options, we are able to treat patients at varying stages of illness and recovery.

Whole Health

Walden’s “whole health” approach integrates the best treatments offered in medicine, psychotherapy, nutrition and healing therapies.
All patients have a consistent, caring team of professionals dedicated to helping them achieve lasting recovery. Families and loved ones can play a key role in the recovery of a patient with an eating disorder or psychiatric disorder and are encouraged to be an active part of this team.

Close to Home

We understand that traveling far from home for treatment may not be an option for everyone. Distance adds stress to an already exhausting situation. Whether you connect with Walden in Massachusetts (Waltham, Braintree, Northampton, and Worcester) or South Windsor, Connecticut, you will find a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you restore hope and achieve lasting recovery.