Family Testimonials

Friends & Family Testimonials

Not only did you help our daughter, but you also empowered my husband and me to be an active and influential part of her recovery.

“Thank you so much to everyone at the Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program. I know each and every one of you was instrumental in my daughter’s recovery. Not only did you help her, but you also empowered my husband and me to be an active and influential part of her recovery. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with the program – especially with regard to respect for parental control. I have nothing but good things to say about Walden. I’ve given my daughter’s pediatrician information about the program, so she can help her future patients to find a place to heal. Our daughter continues to amaze us with her return to normalcy. She has played a season of field hockey, enjoyed school so far and has a fun social life too. Thanks so much for everything.”

“Right when you think all options to treat your child have been exhausted, the staff at Walden provide hope, practical interventions and a productive plan for a solid road to recovery.”    

“My son came to you a few short months ago and you have given him the tools, knowledge and confidence to move forward in a healthy way! He will continue to grow stronger every day.”

“The struggles related to my daughter’s eating disorder have been the hardest and most frightening I have experienced in my life.  Walden’s calm and clear approach to treatment has been life-changing for her.  I am so very thankful for all you have done.”“Things are going remarkably well for us and I thank God each and every day for our continued progress.  Our daughter is gaining “slowly” which is great – “slow and steady wins the race!”  I continue to thank Walden each day for all you have done for us; you have given me my daughter back and have renewed our family life!”

“The wonderful staff at Walden will always have a warm place in our hearts as it is thanks to them that we have our daughter “back.”  Her weight is restored, there is a smile upon her face and laughter emanates throughout our house again.  We couldn’t ask for more!”