Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Teams

Working Together To Achieve Full Recovery

Psychiatric disorders and eating disorders are multidimensional and are often too complex to be treated successfully by one practitioner.

A team approach is often more effective. Our team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, registered dieticians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, expressive arts therapists, mental health workers and mind-body practitioners.

Depending on a patients level of care, Walden’s team of specialists evaluates the patient several times a week addressing several of the following treatment areas:

Medical Monitoring
A physician or nurse practitioner completes an initial history and physical, develops a treatment plan and evaluates the patient’s medical condition during daily visits.

Symptoms are evaluated regularly and, as the patient’s medical status changes, the team determines when the patient would benefit from a change in the level of care provided.

Nursing staff monitor and manage medical components of care, including signs and symptoms, vital signs, weight evaluations, medication administration, group therapy and assessments. They are also responsible for patient safety.  In addition, at the inpatient level of care, nurses provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nutrition Counseling
A registered dietician meets with patients for an initial evaluation and makes recommendations to the multidisciplinary team. A dietary plan is adjusted regularly as the patient advances.

Psychiatric Consultation and Managment
After an initial psychiatric consultation, the psychiatrist makes recommendations to the patient or, if the patient is a minor, the patient’s parents. If appropriate, the outpatient provider is consulted and given any information needed to assure continuity of care.

Mental Health Counselor
A mental health counselor serves as the point person for patients. They lead groups, and monitor meals and snacks, as well as fresh-air breaks and walks. The patients go to their counselors with questions and the counselors act as liaisons with other inpatient providers.

Case Management
A master’s level clinician meets with the patient individually and with his or her family several times each week. The case manager coordinates care with outpatient providers and, if there are none, assists in establishing an outpatient team with each patient before discharge.