Inpatient Eating Disorders Program FAQs

Recovering from an eating disorder is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do. However, you can and will do it.
Former Patient

What should a patient expect when entering Walden’s Inpatient Eating Disorder Program?
At the inpatient level of treatment, patients and families should expect to receive the most intensive level of care which includes 24 hour medical management and a highly structured, therapeutic program. A key component of treatment at this acute level of care is to stabilize patients both medically and behaviorally.  For this reason, patients should expect to work closely with a treatment team of physicians, nurses and social workers.  Once stabilized, patients and their families will work with the treatment team to advance the patient to a less intense level of care. During treatment, patients and families should also expect to receive education on eating disorders and proper nutrition.

How is inpatient treatment for adolescents different from inpatient treatment for adults?
While both involve the family, treatment for an adolescent is driven by the family, so the role of the parent is critical in both understanding the patient and in any intervention that is attempted.  Also, there are several groups that are specific to adolescents.

Why should someone choose treatment at Walden’s Inpatient Eating Disorders Program?
Walden Behavioral Care is the only facility in New England that provides a full continuum of care for males and females and adults and adolescents with eating disorders.  For this reason, we are able to treat you or your loved one at various levels of care including hospital, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient.