Inpatient Mood Disorders Program FAQs

You have helped me see the light of situations… that no matter how horrible everything is or may seem… there is always opportunity for the situation to improve.
Former Patient

What should a patient expect when entering Walden’s Mood Disorders Program?
Patients and families should expect a thorough diagnostic evaluation by highly trained professionals with expertise in mood disorders and accompanying conditions, such as anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse. They should expect an individually tailored treatment plan that incorporates a wide variety of evidence-based approaches, including medications and cognitive-behavioral therapy. They should expect that, when appropriate, the treatment team will coordinate clinical care and discharge planning with families and outpatient clinicians. Patients can expect to leave the hospital with a thoughtful treatment plan and referrals to the next appropriate level of care.

How is a mood disorder diagnosis established in the Mood Disorders Program?
Highly trained psychiatrists and nurse practitioners establish a mood disorder diagnosis by considering a wide range of factors including a patient’s diagnostic information and feedback from family members, outpatient clinicians and other members of the inpatient team at Walden.  Staff may also review past medical/psychiatric records in order to obtain additional information regarding diagnosis. In addition, all patients in the program complete the Beck Depression Inventory upon admission and discharge, in order to help establish a diagnosis of depression. The psychiatrists and nurse practitioners also complete other rating scales which assist with diagnosis of mood disorders, such as the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) and the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS). With all of this data in hand, the treatment team is usually able to establish a definitive (or highly probable) psychiatric diagnosis soon after admission.

What treatments and support services are offered in the Mood Disorders Program?
After establishing a working diagnosis, the Mood Disorders Team presents the patient and family members with numerous options for evidence-based treatments on the inpatient unit and following hospitalization at Walden. The mainstays of this treatment are medications (such as mood stabilizers) and cognitive-behavioral approaches. The treatment team conducts family meetings on a regular basis to provide psychoeducation and support with regard to discharge planning. When necessary, the team recommends and refers patient for treatments that are not available at Walden, such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The treatment team works closely with the patient, the family and outpatient providers to design an effective treatment plan following hospital discharge.