2010 News & Events

Out of Control: Eating Disorders Among Athletes

Max Sports & Fitness - February 2010

It began with a diet, undertaken in an attempt to turn the tide of a growing dissatisfaction with her body. She thought she was being healthy – counting calories, weighing her food on a Weight Watchers scale. But, then it evolved into something different…

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The Hidden Health Crisis on Campus: Eating Disorders

MetroWest Daily News - September 2010

Fewer than 50,000 cases of H1N1 were reported last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yet this potentially deadly strain of flu was treated as a national emergency. In contrast, millions of college students have eating disorders, yet most of them receive little or no medical attention or psychological intervention.

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Walden Offers Continuum of Eating Disorders Treatment

The Smith College Sophian - November 2010

Urban Outfitters and Walden Behavioral Health Care Clinic are unlikely building mates. While one is a perpetuator of the thin, hipster-chic body image that dominates the fashion world, the other addresses a reality often related to this image, an issue with which most young women have dealt either directly or indirectly in their lives by the time they graduate from college.

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Colleges Draw New Office to Worcester

Worcester Magazine - December 2010

All anyone has to do is glance at the cover of any number of magazines to see that the Western World is obsessed with beauty, glamour and sex appeal. Unfortunately the message is often sent that nothing less than perfection will do…

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