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Walden Names Davalur Chief Information Officer

MetroWest Daily News - February 2015

Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, a Waltham-based hospital that specializes in treating eating disorders, recently named Inderjith Davalur of Waltham assistant vice president and chief information officer (CIO).

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Eating Disorders, A Silent Epidemic

The Salem News - January 2015

Ebola is a terrifying disease, but only 10 cases have been reported in the U.S. Two people have died. In contrast, as many as 24 million Americans have eating disorders, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD).

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Male Athletes and Eating Disorders

The Foundation for Global Sports Development - December 2014

You may not think male athletes and eating disorders go hand in hand. Typically those who excel in sports take exceptional care of their bodies, eat the right foods to fuel their physical activity and train effectively to keep their bodies in top form. You may be surprised then to find that 33-35 percent of athletes report eating disorders. Another surprising statistic is that while 7 million women have an eating disorder in this country, so do one million men.

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Walden Names Bordonaro Program Director

Peabody Patch - November 2014

Walden Behavioral Care, LLC, , one of the country’s leading hospitals for treating eating disorders, announced today that it has named Robert Bordonaro of Winchester to the position of Program Director for Walden’s new Peabody clinic at Suite 260, Two Corporation Way.

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