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Answers to Appetite Control

WBGY Springfield - June 2014

Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. Jim Greenblatt, Chief Medical Officer of Walden Behavioral Care and author of a new book, “Answers to Appetite Control,” talks about the struggles with eating and also different questions viewers on Facebook have about eating disorders.

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Understanding Eating Disorders in the Arab World

EmpireScoop - April 2014

In a world where you are often judged by the way you look rather than who you really are, it’s not uncommon for a person to go through extraordinary lengths to fit it. In order to measure up to the “ideal” female body manufactured by advertising agencies, a shocking number of women have turned to extreme dieting and develop eating disorders at the expense of their physical and psychological well being. Like other psychological disorders in the Middle East, eating disorders are often swept under the rug and people rarely talk about the issue. Yet they’re a growing epidemic in the region.

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Lent An Excuse, Challenge For Anorexics

The Boston Globe - April 2014

FOR THE six weeks of Lent, I joined a friend in fasting once a week, and a Pooh-like growling tummy sent me to the Internet for tips. There, I fell into a rabbit hole, one occupied by anorexic teens. It turns out that while for Christians, Lent is a solemn season of penitence and abstention, something to be endured — has it only been four weeks? — for those with eating disorders, it’s a welcome cover that can’t last long enough.

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Extreme Weight Loss: Media’s Misplaced Message

New England Psychologist - April 2014

Thin is in. Or so various media sources would have the general public believe. Magazines, newspapers and now reality shows are promoting the message that excessive dieting and exercise regimens can help achieve unrealistic body images. While some individuals may experience weight loss, what is the ultimate price?

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Active Minds Hosts Eating Disorder Panel

The Massachusetts Daily Collegiate - February 2014

To raise awareness about eating disorders during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the University of Massachusetts club Active Minds held a panel discussion about eating disorders and how to beat them on Tuesday night.

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Athletes Are More Susceptible To Eating Disorders: Get Help Now

Expert Beacon - February 2014

You would think that professional athletes, who need to be in near-perfect shape to compete, would be the last people to have an eating disorder.

Yet athletes – both men and women – may be two to three times more likely to have an eating disorder than the average person, according to a 1999 study of college athletes by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. A 2004 study of top athletes in Norway reached a similar conclusion, finding that 13.5% of athletes surveyed had an eating disorder, compared with 4.6% of the control group.

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