Walden Behavioral Care provides a comprehensive continuum of care including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents, males, and females with eating disorders. Walden also provides inpatient treatment for patients 16 and older who need psychiatric care and an inpatient mood disorders program for adults.

Whole Health Approach

Even before a patient is admitted to Walden, a team of specialists evaluates the patient thoroughly to not only understand the scope of the patient’s illness, but the patient’s medical and psychiatric conditions. Once the team has gathered all the information they can, a treatment plan is created that addresses the patient’s medical, behavioral, and psychiatric needs. If the patient’s has more than one disorder – the co-occurring disorders are treated concurrently.

Multidisciplinary Team

Walden’s multidisciplinary treatment team includes experienced professionals representing each of the primary mental health disciplines: psychiatry, psychology, nursing and social work, as well as professionals who focus on internal medicine, nutrition, recreation, and other aspects of wellness.

Specialized Treatment Programs

  • Teen and Family Eating Continuum  – Programming for teens and adolescents with eating disorders, at all levels of care, is designed to help them build a healthy sense of self and personal identity while at the same time help their families gain the education and support they need.
  •  Adult Intensive Outpatient Program for Binge and Night Eating – The mission of the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program for Binge and Night Eating is to support adults, seeking freedom from binge or night eating, in making significant behavioral, nutritional and psychological changes to reduce symptoms and improve overall quality of life.
  • Adult Inpatient Mood Disorders Program – Our Mood Disorders Program is designed to help give adults a diagnostic evaluation and tailored support as they participate in evidence-based individual and group therapies designed to teach them new coping skills, provide them with support and educate them about their mood and co-morbid disorders.
  • Treatment Services

    Walden’s eating disorder treatment  and psychiatric care services include:
    Adult Eating Disorders Treatment Services
    Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Services
    Adult Psychiatric Care Services