After Care Program For Adolescents

Many families that have participated in Walden’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) have asked for us to continue support after completion of the program.

The Adolescent After-Care Family Program was created in response to those requests. The goal of the program is to provide parents with the support they need as they and their child continue the recovery process.


  • Weekly one-hour family sessions, which may or may not include the adolescent; sessions will be based on the Maudsley method, continuing the approach used in the Adolescent IOP
  • Access to a therapist for coaching by telephone and e-mail
  • Ongoing collaboration to help your child communicate her or his needs during the family session
  • Ongoing education about eating disorders and associated topics
  • Collaboration with the outpatient team for coordination of services

You can enroll in the Adolescent After-Care Family Program for as many one-month intervals as you’d like. The number of months needed should be determined by consulting with your Walden Behavioral Care clinician.

The cost for each month of the Adolescent After-Care Family Program is $750, which must be paid in full before treatment begins. This fee is not covered by insurance.