Guilford Eating Disorder Clinic Offers Help for Adolescents and Parents

FOX 61
September 2016

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Michelle was struggling emotionally when her issues with food began. Just 10 […]

Athletes & Eating Disorders: The Warning Signs, Risks & What to Do

em>New England Cable News (NECN)
August 2016

Athletes are 2-3 times more susceptible to eating disorders than the average population. Detecting warning signs and knowing where to turn to help can be challenging. But there are more options for specialized attention today.

Emily Slager, a clinician on Walden’s GOALS Program – Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Competitive Athletes – joined […]

Eating Disorders: Crippling, Deadly – and Beatable

Worcester Magazine
July 2016

For many people, mealtimes are not always about the food. Maybe you’re talking with a family member or a date, maybe you’re absorbed in an episode of your favorite TV show, or maybe you’re just scarfing something down at your desk at work.

Eating can be taken for granted, but for someone with an eating […]

On The Move: Promotions, New Hires & Advancements

Rebekah Doweyko, LPC of Durham has been promoted to Assistant Vice President, Clinical Operations, Connecticut Region, for Walden Behavioral Care LLC, a leading hospital for treating eating disorders. In her new role, Doweyko will be responsible for the clinical services and operations of all Walden locations in Connecticut.